SurReal Zoo



回首 2020 年,當人類被疫情所困而疲於奔命的時候,一群擁有高等智慧的動物,由於再也受不了棲息地不斷被人類破壞,秘密進行了「平行宇宙擴充計畫」。在不斷進行了一百萬次的實驗後,牠們成功使用了人類都還無法參透的磁場扭曲技術,用一萬特斯拉的超強磁力⚡,滋拉~滋拉~在地球上撕開了一道裂縫,創造出異次元裡的動物星球,稱做「超現實動物園」。而通往這座奇幻時空的「幻境拱門」全地球只有一座,據說深藏在亞馬遜雨林,某棵摩天大樹的樹洞裡,由世界上最毒的蟒蛇看守著 👀。


The story started in 2020. When people were suffering from the effect of the epidemic, a group of animals with high intelligence secretly were conducting the "Parallel Universe Expansion Project" because they could not tolerate that their habitats have been destroyed too much by humans. They utilised the technology of magnetic field distortion which human beings can not fully understand so far. With 10,000 Tesla⚡, zila — zila —, they successfully tore a crack in the earth and created an animal planet in a different dimension, called "SurReal Zoo".

There is only one door called "Fantasy Arch" to this new world which is hidden in a tree hole on a giant tree in the Amazon rainforest. It is guarded by the most poisonous python 🐍 in the world 👀. Inside the SurReal Zoo, except for the animals we are familiar with, there are full of strange living beings too. 

The adventurer YaShow bravely navigated between the familiar and the unfamiliar. She came back safely under the blessing of God and captured many precious pictures with her painting brushes. Each of the pictures is a gentle reminder of contemporary society. Among these works, there are lots of fashionable fish wearing exquisite fashion accessories. These fish create their flow with the spirit of freedom and the diversity of beauty. ✨

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